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Please note that this service is only available in the following areas: Shepparton and Batlow. Also the service may vary between sites.

MetWatch Online is a web version of the award winning MetWatch software. MetWatch Online aims to reliably provide customized access to unique, critical weather information, disease information and interpretations to assist individuals in making the right decisions for better management of their crops and disease for quality and value - while gaining piece of mind.

MetWatch You will have access all of the weather stations from the extensive BOM Weather Station Network, including more stations from private owners, for data when you want it, with a wide range of analysis tools. This includes hour-by-hour weather information with highly localized weather forecasts, 10-day regional forecasts and interpretations of this data for disease risk, also growing degree days and winter chilling units data. As an added bonus you will also have the extended historic weather records of all weather stations for analysis and comparison.

MetWatch Online can help you to document the decision making process - helping you to meet requirements of various Integrated Production programs and EurepGAP. Weather station data and weather forecast information is combined and interpreted for:

  • Spraying Conditions.
  • Disease Risk Assessments.
  • Crop Management Information.


  • A graphical display of weather data and disease risk that is easy to understand and interpret.
  • Use our extensive weather station network to give up-to-the-hour disease risk assessments and crop management information.
  • Hourly and daily weather summaries in table and graph format including heat unit accumulations, rainfall accumulations, and chill hours.
  • Flexible format that allows the user to change the number of days displayed, the canopy-drying period, leaf wetness thresholds, heat unit accumulation threshold and other options specific to each disease model.

Having MetWatch available on the internet means you also gain all the features of using a website, like:

  • Always having the latest version with the latest updates, no need to manually update.
  • New tools and models are accessible as soon as we release them.
  • Nothing is stored on your computer, so if anything happens to it you will not lose your subscription or need to replace the data you have used.
  • You can login from any internet connected computer, this means you only need the one subscription for home and the office.

Weather Forecasts

Weather forecasting information is provided by Australian Bureau Of Meteorology (BOM).

  • Weather Charts.
  • Daily summaries including rainfall, maximum and minimum temperature.

Crop Management

GDD Calculator Crop management information is available to all users of MetWatch OnLine through the summaries menu item. These tools include growing degree days (GDD) and chill unit calculators, PET calculations and temperature/rainfall comparisons.

Growing Degree Day and Winter Chilling data provide critical information for many crop management decisions, and are excellent for making between season comparisons.


There is just one license for MetWatch Online that gives you access to everything. For those purchasing multiple licenses, every additional license is only half price!

To help you decide if MetWatch OnLine is right for you, we offer a free trial. Be sure to give it a try before you purchase.

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If for any other reason you are not entirely happy with your purchase and you would like to return it for full refund within 30 days of receipt, call us first then return the software, hardware, and any accompanying materials. For a full refund to be available any hardware must be returned in the same condition in which it was shipped to you.

Note that demo units are available for most of our products so you can try before you buy. We limit refunds to unit sales, eg if you are interested in purchasing 100 data loggers buy one and try before buying the 100!

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