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Tim Egan, Gisborne grower and entrepreneur
Finding MetWatch OnLine great!

Reid Fletcher, Grape Grower and juice processor
Impressed with MetWatch Online!!

Ian Palmer, Orchardist, and Chairman, Pipfruit New Zealand Inc.
Just a quick note to let you know my modem card worked fine in the USA, I had no problems dialling the weather station from Anaheim. Also I had no problems with the forecast either. It allowed to coordinate my chemical thinning from the other side of the world with all the current weather info at my fingertips.

Stu Burns, Camelot Fresh Fruit Company
The forecasting has been spot on for me the last couple of weeks regarding rainfall, thanks for the great information.

Adele Cuthill, Pernod Ricard Vineyard Manager
Nice to see your forecasts again! don't realise how much we use them until its gone!!

Deanna Foley, AgFirst
Love love LOVE the online updating of Metwatch!

Carl Knapp, Orchard Manager, Mr Apple
[MetWatch On-Line is] up and running, the site is great.

Peter Clark, Australia
[Temperature MicroLoggers] are performing well and providing vital info for our operation.

Peter Wood, HortResearch
[MetWatch] its such a good tool .... I can't live without it!

Shaun Vickers, Heritage Farms, Waikato
I have used the Metwatch & Spray diary programmes for around 5 years and recently the forcast programme as well, i find this a very useful tool and a wise investment, The forcast is a bonus on top because now we can predict what is coming and plan ahead.

We use it not only for blackspot infections - but planning what days we can spray, it tells us what wind speed/directions are due to come our way, as well as temperatures for prodicting frosts, when the rain is due and how much rain, if there is likely to be any thunder/lightning/ hail etc. It is another good tool we can use to understand and grow with mother nature.

It is often used by myself and the others here to prodict what weather will have for our weekends off. (ha ha) It is also a great training tool for my apprentices to show and help them understand weather patterns and systems, and they really like getting on the computer and using it.

Craig Gass, Winemaker McCashins Wines
I am absolutely stoked over the info and usefulness of the Metwatch [/Forecast] programme and its uncanny nack of being so accurate. We have been able to predict down to the hour - no kidding - on weather changes and hence disease pressure. We have been using every little window of opportunity to enable us to put cover sprays on. I am a convert. Yeah !!!!!

Reid Fletcher, Grape Grower
"I have been using Metwatch since 1996 and it has become an integral part of my grape growing operation. During the season I start the day with meusli & Metwatch with the latter being the most important aid to spray related decisions in the effort to achieve sustainable pest & disease management with minimum pesticide applications."

"Hortplus have constantly updated the programme and it is now very user friendly and the added forecasting component (which is frighteningly accurate) makes it in my opinion the best value for money management aid on the market. I have no hesitation in recommending it to all those involved with the land where weather plays the upper hand."

Dermott Malley BScz (Hons), NCFOM, Managing Director, Onyx Orchards
"Onyx Orchards used Metwatch and Spray Log extensively last year as a combined method of ascertaining when to spray and recording the sprays used by each block. We are in a Fireblight area so the Fireblight model was of particular importance to our operation, however the blackspot model is an essential tool for all orchardists. With the increasing pressures of "getting it right" with your crop and making sure you don't spend too much. Metwatch is a very helpful tool in managing your disease risk and planning your sprays. Certainly we believe that without Metwatch we would have spent more on sprays and may still have missed the significant events."

We also used Metwatch's Brown Rot model as part of the Summergreen IFP programme on peaches and nectarines. Yes you do need a computer but once you can switch it on the rest is fairly simple. We will be using Metwatch again in the coming year as part of our crop risk management programme."

Mike Willis, President, NZ Citrus Growers Association
Hortplus [MetWatch] is working fine and I have got most of the historical data I needed. This system is totally invaluable and I use it about 4 times everyday for both grapes and citrus.

Doug Bell, Grape Grower, Gisborne
Your service is incredible!!

Gillian Wilson, Wi Pere Vineyard Manager, Gisborne
"I have used HortPlus and its predecessor Orchard 2000 for the past three years and found the weather information access and analytical systems to be extremely useful tools as an aid to effective vineyard management. There has always been cheerful and willing assistance from the support people to assist in solving any problems with our weather station, data downloads or technological ignorance."

Richard Prew, General Manager, Heritage Farm
Heritage Farm has been using MetWatch and its predecessor for 6 years now. During the season we use the program most days for both blackspot monitoring and for fireblight. The team is not very proficient on computers but we can all handle the progam easily and find that the constant improvements are helpful and easy to learn. I would certainly recommend MetWatch to all growers. The backup service and value that we have had from the program makes it very easy for me to recommend it to every grower.

Jonathon Wiltshire, Grower
"I have had a long association with Hortplus principal Andrew Hodson and have always found his approach to decision making software to be innovative, practical, and user friendly. As a pipfriut grower in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand I have operated a weather station for seven years using a variety of software but I believe the latest releases from Hortplus have taken a step forward in innovation and cost efficiency."

Dr Greg Tate, Crop Health Services
"I have accessed Orchard2000, data loggers and used infection monitoring software now for several years and have found them essential to my business. The tools I use have to be accurate and within the limitations of most infection models they have served me well. The new, more flexible MetWatch and SprayView software I expect to serve me even better. "

Duncan Mathers, Orchardist, Central Otago
"...have Metwatch which I believe saved us thousands of dollars this season".

Reg Lewthwaite, Unitec, Auckland
"I do use the info [from MetWatch] - it's good, it works."

Heather McBrydie, HortResearch, Ruakura, Hamilton
"The Temperature MicroLoggers arrived this morning and we are very pleased with your product."

Eric Cairns, President, Wellington Horowhenua Branch, NZ Tree Crops Assoc
Thankyou for the two Temperature MicroLogger starter packs which arrived yesterday. They are very easy to install and use.